My Story

Success & Wellness Coach

Hello,I’m Dr KateI am a Success and Wellness Coach

I support driven professionals ‘calm-the-chaos-of-overwhelm’ in order to regain their EDGE as they embed new health habits and stress management techniques, allowing you to regain your energy and find harmony at work and in life.

Are You Ready To Find Solutions?

Busy professionals face many challenges, including:

  • Expectations of being “always on”
  • Time constraints caused by back-to-back meetings all-day
  • The constant distractions of communication technology and open-office floor plans
  • The pervasiveness of work given our constant connectedness.

These cause pressure, stress, and burnout.

You feel frustrated. You need someone to listen, understand and really ‘get’ you and your business.

With so much advice and noise out there, you feel more confused than ever as the information seems conflicting and complicated.

You are craving results. You want to feel confident, yet all you feel is overwhelmed and anxious. You’re losing hope that anything will work. You just want to get off the hamster wheel.

It’s not about going back to how you used to be. It’s about finding a whole new way to be the business owner you want to be!

Do you feel like this?

I was working two jobs while studying for a demanding career. Coupled with caring for a sick family member meant that I didn’t have time to prioritise my own health.

Trying to be everything to everyone led to exhaustion, poor sleep and excessive stress. Therefore my health deteriorated and my epilepsy spiralled out of control – from a few seizures a year to up to 100 a day. Brain fog, headaches and memory problems were my constant companions. 

Specialists brushed me aside – apparently not caring. My anxiety skyrocketed as my confidence plummeted. I agonised over my predicament – Googling into the early hours of the morning trying desperately to find solutions while at the same time terrified about my failing performance.

Combining my medical and nutrition knowledge gave me the answers I was searching for as I changed my mindset and lifestyle. Now it’s my mission to help people just like you to prevent stress from overwhelming your health and business so that you can incorporate work and the rest of your life in a way that promotes happiness and deep fulfilment.