Helping Driven Professionals Successfully Achieve Work-life Integration

Regain your energy, restore your health, feel amazing again.

Let’s face it, embedded work habits of ‘pushing through’, managing our time to the ‘nano second’, and generally rushing through life, are part of the norm nowadays. We have all heard about work / life balance, but when we are always contactable and rarely work traditional 9-5 hours, when do we get time to switch off and how does this impact our stress levels and ultimately our health? 

A global survey discovered that 89% of respondents believe their work-life balance is getting worse. (Harvard Business Review)

Since 2020, work-related stress and anxiety in the US are reportedly at an all-time high, and work-life balance is at an all-time low. (Future Forum)

It's time for a rethink!

As a successful professional, have you ever considered that your health is in fact your primary asset?

If you’re missing that spring in your step, wondering where your calm went, and finding your weekends are becoming recovery stations, then you’ve probably realised you’ve lost sight of your health.  Or maybe you can feel it slowly rolling away from you?

Work With Me

Here’s where I step in. I support, guide and mentor my Clients to achieve Healthful high performance, in work and life.  If you want to regain your energy and focus, so you can hit your targets …and regain that spring in your step as you open your front door  at the end of the working day

– then work with me. 

Together we can work to reclaim your vision of what a healthy life should be, identify and embed new health habits, stress management techniques as well as growing your knowledge of nutritious foods that can bring your unique metabolism into balance, allowing you to regain your energy and resilience in work and in life.

I help organisations, corporate teams and individuals to achieve healthful high performance in work and in life

Care Culture

Enhance/kick start your corporate culture of caring and improve employee performance


Demonstrate commitment to your employees by supporting their health and wellbeing


Create happy, healthy and engaged teams, and engender company loyalty


Build confidence and reduce absenteeism, by empowering employees to protect their health

This May Just Be The Best Investment You Ever Make!


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Happy Clients

Working with Kate was like a breath of fresh air! I am a workaholic – This has resulted in me being far less stressed. I started thinking positively and unlearned bad daily self sabotaging habits.

If anyone is thinking of working with Kate, I would recommend it. You will definitely get results.

The healthy eating plan has been easy to follow, and I now feel happy. The most significant change though has been improved self-esteem. Kate is very engaging and motivating and she enabled me to see myself in a new light, boosting my confidence.

Her bubbly personality and passion for what she does is very inspiring!

‘Thank you’ doesn’t adequately express my gratitude to Kate for the amazing improvement in my overall wellbeing after starting this journey with her.  Kate listened and took my individual needs and health issues into account.  As a result my mindset has become more positive regarding my fitness and health.  What an Awesome coach.

Jenny Christie

I love that I’m in the right space of mind to improve my health Working with Dr Kate has allowed me to closely monitor what I eat and put into my body, and I have overcome some of my unhealthy eating habits by sticking to her suggested meals and I feel great since doing so. I used to be very fatigued and my energy levels were low because of my eating unhealthily and giving my body foods it didn’t need.