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Empowering wellness professionals

Is the stress of building your wellness business impacting your confidence and making you feel overwhelmed?

Build a stress-free
lifestyle you love

Is imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, self-doubt, overwhelm and guilt holding you back in business and negatively impacting your personal life and health?

You're not alone. The stress and demands of entrepreneurship can take a toll on your confidence, health, and productivity, leaving you feeling depleted, drained and disconnected from fulfilling your potential. As health and wellness professionals, we often pour all our energy into building our business and helping others achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. However, we often neglect our own needs on this journey, which can significantly affect our confidence and elevate our stress levels. Does this sound familiar?

Now, imagine having a simple system to follow and someone in your corner to help you gain clarity on your vision, values and strengths, while developing your skills. Together we will boost your confidence, manage your stress, maintain your energy, and enhance your productivity, so that you could enjoy a balanced lifestyle you love. 

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My mission

As a Doctor, Nutritionist and Health Coach myself, I understand the overwhelm and stress that wellness professionals face. Time constraints often lead us to neglect our own healthy habits, making us feel like imposters or as though we are being hypocritical. But, you are not alone, so many wellness professionals feel this way and I’ve seen too many people let these factors stop them in their tracks – halting their potential.

Collectively, our mission as wellness professionals is to make a meaningful difference in the world and I am dedicated to helping you achieve that, by reclaiming your confidence, enhancing your productivity, and optimising your own well-being. My simple systems, effective processes and continued support will help you truly value yourself so you can build a lifestyle you love.

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Hi, I'm Dr Kate,

30 years ago, while studying medicine, my health took a turn for the worse and I had up to 100 seizures a day. To live the life I dreamed of, I knew that I had to focus on me and make significant changes to my diet and lifestyle.

My life changed drastically and I became seizure-free, whilst reducing my medication. However, I know that I don't always get it right, but I realised stress was at the core of many of my own issues. So, I developed non-negotiables and simple strategies to manage my stress in order to create and live a balanced lifestyle I love and enjoy. And, I am passionate about helping other health and wellness professionals achieve the same.

My system

From floundering to fulfilled



Stress impacts every aspect of your life, causing overwhelm. We’ll explore your values, strengths and vision to set strong foundations for your lasting success.

Strong foundations enable you to shift from overwhelmed to focussed and you regain your spark to drive you forwards.



As you become more productive, reclaiming confidence, you'll take intentional steps toward realising your vision.

Leverage your confidence and newfound skills to elevate your lifestyle. It’s time to truly flourish.



As your vision becomes real, we ensure you maintain sustainable strategies, so you have a lifestyle you love. 

Acknowledge your personal growth, enjoy your balanced lifestyle and be proud of the impact you have on others. This is fulfilment.

Book your complimentary lifestyle audit

I'm sure you have questions and are eager to already start making changes. So, on this 30 minute call, we will identify your biggest stress drivers, explore changes you can start to make and look at how I could potentially support you through that process.

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Why work with me?

I have personally experienced the effects of stress and overwhelm and I am passionate about helping other health and wellness professionals overcome similar challenges.

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You can benefit from my experience of working with over 500 wellness professionals to implement simple strategies to manage stress and ensure they live a life of integrity and joy.

Holistic approach

I believe in addressing the root causes of stress, integrating health, mindset, and your values to create lasting change.

Supportive Community

Join a community of like-minded wellness professionals who understand your journey and are committed to supporting your growth and success.

"Working with Kate has been a breath of fresh air"

"I'm a workaholic. Working with Kate has resulted in me being less stressed. I started thinking positively and stopped self-sabotaging habits. If anyone is thinking of working with Kate, I recommend it, you'll certainly get results." - Latascha

Are you ready to get started?

As a wellness professional, you understand that stress affects every aspect of life. It can negatively impact mood, creativity, and focus, leading to feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt.

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Say goodbye to
overwhelm & self doubt

Let's start implementing simple strategies that align with your strengths and values, so you will succeed and build momentum and confidence, allowing you to be more productive as you truly flourish and build a lifestyle you love.

Start building a lifestyle with confidence

Having worked with over 500 wellness professionals, I noticed that many are feeling the strain and I’m passionate about helping you reduce your stress, so that you can have a lifestyle you love and make an impact you are proud of.

That’s why I developed my simple process that helps wellness professionals build confidence and boost productivity, so that you have time to live a life you've dreamed of, ensure you’re showing up with integrity for your clients and still have energy for a lifestyle you love.


Take the first step towards reclaiming your confidence today

Don't let stress hold you back any longer. Restore your well-being and build a lifestyle you love.

Your free ebook!

Build your business with confidence

The world needs more health and wellness professionals. Here are some of my top tips how you can overcome overwhelm in order to build strong foundations and start boosting your confidence for a flourishing business. 

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